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Planning your engagement, wedding, or anniversary celebration, is very exciting as you discover the many options available to enhance the overall experience of the your special day.

As you move forward with your search for the perfect components to make your day of celebration unique and one of a kind, we encourage you to invest your time and resources into a timeless keepsake that will also bring you joy and happy memories, for years to come, and forever..

 Your beautifully composed love song will be enjoyed in countless ways!

  • Performed during the ceremony

  • Soundtrack for your video highlight reel

  • Those romantic moments shared as you enjoy your first dance

  • An instrumental version for your processional and/or recessional

  • Relive the moment for forever and more, this song is yours to keep!

-Our Services-

Original Song Creation

A clean, simple vocal recording accompanied with either a piano and/or guitar track.  This pure sound elegantly  captures the soul of the melody with essential and complimentary backing to tell your unique story.

In-depth Song Recording

A complete and full-bodied sound recording, including all of the required instruments/tones needed for the style and genre of your choosing.  The elements of your song are performed by industry professionals that are hand picked to fit the project's needs.

In-depth Song Recording
+ Live Performance

Our service to you, for an event or special occasion that would benefit from an incredible and unique live performance.  In addition to providing the In-depth Song Recording, we will attend to your event and perform your song live for you, and your guests.

The Steps

1. Submit Project Details Form

The Project Details Web Form is the first step in ordering a custom written song for your special occasion. This form is like a short interview to learn what the occasion is, who the song is to be written about, the tone or emotion you want to convey, the style of music for the song, and more. Remember that the more details you can give will help the songwriting process flow more smoothly, and ultimately leads to song written more in line with your expectations. You can view the form here and get started at your convenience:

Due to the limited lyrics that will fit into a standard length song, not all ideas always make it into the final product. Be sure to prioritize what ideas and messages are most important to you. If you have purchased a plan where you supply your own lyrics, the web form will prompt you to upload the .doc or .docx file. The typical project is delivered within 10 business days after the Project Details Web Form is submitted and a package is purchased.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

2. Pick a Package

Whether you are looking for an acoustic song with vocals, or something more comprehensive with a full band lineup, we have several packages that will fit your need or budget. Have you written your own lyrics and want them put to music? We have specific packages for that too, and they come at a discount!

Once you’ve submitted the Project Details Web Form, our team will contact you to suggest a package. At this point, you may purchase the package that best fits what you are looking for with your custom written song.

3. Songwriting Begins

We begin to write lyrics and instrument parts for your custom song. We want you to be satisfied – prior to the final polish, we will review the music and lyrics with you to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

4. Post-Production and Final Mixing

Once all the pieces of your custom song are together, we’ll move forward with the final mixing to produce your final product.

5. Delivery to You

After the full post-production process, your custom song will be delivered via email as a high-quality .mp3 and .wav file for your use.

Here’s to making memories!

Let's Connect

Ready to learn more about our services, and take your next step towards owning a personal song?

The Investment

Your Investment includes:

  • A one-hour consultation explaining the workflow process; providing you with a questionnaire to learn more about you and your story; the approval & revision process; additional options available pertaining to the creation of your song; discussing the agreement and payment information

  • A professional lyricist to compose lyrics based on your story

  • A professional vocalist (your choice of male or female)

  • Professionally composed and arranged music in the genre of your choice

  • Musicians & studio fees

  • Mix-down and mastering 

  • Producer fee

  • The rights to the recording, including any publishing splits

  • An mp3 & wave file, as well as a soundtrack version

  • The exceptional experience of working with an international composer and producer who will produce a 3 – 4 ½ minute love song that will create a memory of a lifetime

Additional Considerations for Your Production 

  • Instrumental version

  • Choice of Language

  • Additional background vocalists, choirs, multi-harmony layers etc.

  • Additional instruments that could be included (i.e. saxophone, violin, flute, etc.)

  • Live performance @ your special event

  • Song production, international

  • Some artists may incur additional fees

This is a wonderful gift and expression of love that will honor your lifetime commitment. You can also present this idea to your family members and friends that are looking for the ultimate gift that expresses their love and support of your marriage, or private event!

*Prices finalized at the signing of the Agreement

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