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Here at My Forever Song, we pride ourselves on the experience and opportunities we have all been a part of. Our company is comprised of award winning producers, well versed musicians, with access to top-of-the-line recording studios and equipment.

With services ranging from simple song creation, to complete video/audio projects, you are definitely able to find something that fits your needs. When the founding owners came together, we knew that we wanted to provide such a unique and lasting product that you and your family would be proud of for generations on end. With the art of creating music, we hold nothing back to ensure the highest quality and outcome.

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Aaron Bancroft


Experience:  I have been studying music theory and practicing musical instruments since 1984 (37 years).  I was classically trained on piano and guitar during this time.  Over the years, I have performed in front of many audiences, either by myself or with others.  My education on music continues to grow and into other areas as well.


Pushing 33 (1999-2003)– Lead Guitar / Harmony Vocals / Keyboard -  Band created out of East Lansing, MI.  We traveled around the Midwest and I gained my chops while attending Michigan State University.  We created 2 albums, “The View From Here” & “P33 Live”


Free Lance Musician (2003-2006) – Utility (guitar, piano, vocals)  player for bands needing a “fill-in” or temporary musician.  Recorded many songs with other people as a contracted musician.  Wrote, produced and performed a sound track for an independent film called “Mazel Tov Cocktail (2007)”.  Wrote and produced music for local churches and also performed for “Godspell” & “Jesus Christ Superstar” at several churches.


The Captain Legendary Band (2006-Present) – Lead Guitar / Harmony Vocals / Piano / Keyboard / Writer – Band created out of Baton Rouge, LA.  We traveled around the south and ended up having a heavy following in Europe and Australia.   TCLB is winner to several awards in Texas from “The Academy of Texas Music” over the last decade.  We tour several countries in Europe.  We created 5 albums (3 of which I am a part of), “Smoking Barrel”, “TCLB Live” & “Lifetime”.  The album, “Lifetime” was self produced.  “White Dog” from the “Lifetime” album was a song written and performed by me.  Although I speculated that I could do more, this was the moment I knew I could do a lot more.

Ander Von Anderson

Chris Cooper


Experience:  With traditional schooling and college, I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best within the music industry.  I was classically trained on percussion and drum set, as well as sound recording technology from Texas State University. While studying under Bobby Arnold (Willy Nelson's road engineer) and Gary Hickinbothem ( Grammy Award winning recording engineer), I was able to learn in-depth recording and mic-ing techniques to ensure the highest and cleanest audio recordings.

At Texas State University, I was able to take four years of private lessons with the drummer of Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington, Butch Miles.

Dirty Clean (2014-2020) – Drummer / Percussion / Engineer / Writer – Band created out of Houston, TX.  Have written over 15 songs, studied and performed over four hours worth of commercial radio songs for private parties and events.

Free Lance Musician (2008-2021) – Sound Engineer and Percussionist. Part time work as a church musician and engineer, along with various recordings and musical productions.

Experience:  Throughout the last ten years, I have had the privilege of working with artists and  producers of all genres and styles to truly refine my craft of song writing. With those years of experience and connections, I know that the product and service that we provide will excel beyond your expectations. 

Free Lance Musician (2008-2021) – Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist

Partner, Mentor

Jeff Franzel

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Jeff Franzel is a multi-talented songwriter and composer with over 35 years’ experience in the music business. He began his career as a jazz pianist and toured with many groups, including big band legend Les Brown and The Hues Corporation. During that time he accompanied such artists as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Mel Tormé. 

Jeff has been a Yamaha artist since 2011, and has recorded 3 albums  Mood of the Moment, When You Know and Blues Themes Requests in front of a live audience at the Oscar Peterson Hall in Montreal on a Yamaha CFX Piano.

Jeff graduated CalArts in 1972 and lived in LA until 1981. When Jeff moved to New York he was a jingle session player while freelancing in the NYC area. He  was in the BMI Musical Theater workshop with Lehman Engel  for 3 years and began his songwriting career in 1985.

Jeff's first ever recorded song was Taylor Dayne's "Don't Rush Me" which was a #2 pop hit. Jeff had a top 10 AC hit "You've Got A Way" with Kathy Troccoli and a #1 Contemporary Christian Dove Nominee "Love Was Never Meant To Die". Jeff had hits with The Temptations , Phyllis Hyman, "NSYNC , Shawn Colvin, Clay Aiken, Josh Groban , Placido Domingo, Pope John Paul 11  and Rhys Lewis. Jeff has had over 20 top 10 singles and 275 recordings worldwide.

A number of Jeff's songs have been featured in Runaway Bride, Serendipity, Deja Vu, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Saturday Night Live, Dawson's Creek and Touched by an Angel.

Currently Jeff has releases with Rhys Lewis, Dennis van Aarssen, Luca Schreiner and recently scored Hurt By Paradise and the Rehearsal along with Dalal Bruchmann.

Jeff has been mentoring songwriters for The SongwritingAcademy and has annually been mentoring the TSA Songwriting Retreat held in Malaga, Spain since 2017.

Affiliate, Mentor

Barry Coffing


Barry Coffing is a Music Business Entrepreneur who has been involved in almost every facet of the music business and worked with many of the major companies.

As an artist he was signed to Warner Brothers Records. As a songwriter he secured publishing deals with Universal Music Publishing and EMI. Hey owned his own record label with distribution through Sony RED. Barry grew up in Houston and graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. After short stints at HBU and The University of Houston he began his professional music career in Houston. For six years he was not only performing in bands locally but he was a top single Singer, Music Producer and Composer. It was then that his talents were discovered by Steve Tyrell & Barry Mann and he was invited to Los Angels. After several trips and two of his songs being placed in movies he decided to join the company and move to LA.

Over the next 17 years he amassed a great deal of credits and awards with over 200 tracks placed in movies and TV, BMI Songwriting Awards, Multiple #1 hits and an Emmy nomination. He continued to be the voice behind the scenes in movies like Moulin Rouge, The Brady Bunch Movie & Winnie The Pooh's Grand Adventure, He wrote TV themes for California Dreams, The Pyramid (Staring Donny Osmond) & The Heights. His song "How Do You Talk To An Angel" went on to become a number one hit and sell over 500,000 copies worldwide. 


Currently he is Music Business Entrepreneur who represents over 17,000 record labels and publishers for film and TV licensing. His company, Music SupervisorInc. places hundreds of songs each year in Films, TV and Advertising. Every major Film Company and TV network uses their software and services. He is in demand as a guest lecturer, speaker and moderator. His knowledge about the music business is at the level where he is asked to speak at Continuing Legal Education events. (Required by those in the legal profession in order to keep their license in good standing)

Music Supervision






Barry Coffing has a unique combination of talents and experience.He is a highly organized music professional with the ability to perform all of the music related jobs on any given project at incredibility high level. He is an Emmy Nominated Composer and BMI Millionaire Award winning songwriter who has written over 200 songs for film and TV. He and his company have worked on projects for almost every major film company and TV network. Barry is extremely experienced with music.




Clear and negotiate rights/licensing fees to all new or pre-existing compositions and recordings, draft and issue or coordinate the issuance of Synchronization and Master Use licenses, create final music credits and create the final music cue sheets.

Identify, secure and supervise any and all music related talent, to include composers, songwriters, recording artists, on


Camera performers, musicians, orchestrators, arrangers, copyists, contractors, music producers and engineers. Liaise and negotiate with talent representation, including legal, label, talent management, agency, business management and all other talent representatives.

Determine the feasibility of, supervise the creation of and securing exposure or distribution of any music related ancillary product to include soundtrack, single, video or internet downloads for the purpose of promotion or additional revenue streams.


Long Term relationships with major and indie publisher, and record label representatives in order to maximize negotiation opportunities and streamline the music clearance process.


Music Supervision & Composition:


Bright Ideas (Music Supervisor)


Divorce Texas Style (Music Supervisor)


The Preacher's Daughter (Music Supervisor)

(TV Movie) (producer: "You're the Glory") / (writer: "We're Hot Tonight",)


Wedlock or Deadlock (

Music Producer of the Theme with Chaka Khan)



(TV Series) (performer 2 episodes, 2008)

(writer-2 episodes, 2008)


Three's a Crowd

(2008) ... (performer: "Tiger's Eye") / (writer: "Tiger's Eye")

-Highway to the Discomfort Zone

(2008) ... (performer: "Tigers Eye") / (writer: "Tigers Eye")


Tru Loved

(Music Supervisor & Composer)

(writer: "Hold On While You Can")


On the Road in America

(TV Series) (music supervisor


5 episodes)


Big Sur: Part 2

(2007) ... (music supervisor)


Big Sur: Part 1

(2007) ... (music supervisor)


Washington D.C.

(2007) ... (music supervisor)


New York

(2007) ... (music supervisor)



(2007) ... (music supervisor)



(Short) (performer: "Moody Cue") / (writer: "Moody Cue")



(Video) (music supervisor & composer)


Shut Up and Shoot!

(Music Supervisor)

(producer: "ONLY LOVE IS REAL", "LET'S ROC



2006 What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole

(Documentary) (writer: "What the Bleep?")


Bam Bam and Celeste

(writer: "I'm Beautiful")


29 and Holding

(Music Supervisor & Composer)

(writer: "Call Me Crazy")


West from North Goes South

(Music Supervisor & Composer)

(writer: "You Ain't Too Tough", "We're Hot Tonight")


Roger Dodger

(writer: "You Can't Hold Me Back")


Who Knows You Best?

(TV Series) (


: theme and bumpers)


Bar Hopping

(TV Movie

) (writer: "The Disillusioned", "We're Hot Tonight", "Lollipop", "I'm Thru With You")


Get Your Stuff

(Music Supervisor & Composer) (writer: "We're Hot Tonight"-unaccredited)


Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

(TV Series) (writer-1 episode)


The Happy Prince

(1999) ... (writer: "Don't Make it a




(writer: "You Ain't Too Tough")


Total Force

(Music Supervisor & Composer) (writer: "We're Hot Tonight", "Southern Soul")


Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (Video) (performer: "Wherever You Are" (end title song)


An American Vampire Story

(composer: additional music)


Diamonds in the Rough

(music producer)

(writer: "We're Hot Tonight" (opening title), "You Ain't Too Tough")


Silent Lies

(performer: "No One Tells a Lie Quite Like You") / (writer: "This Waltz", "No One Tells a Lie Quite Like You", "Just Ask Me")


The Brady Bunch Movie

(music producer)

("Have a Nice Day", "Are You With Me?", "I'm Lookin' Around")


Hot Wired

(music producer)


The Heights

(TV Series) (writer


1 episode)


Talk to an Angel

(1992) ...

(music producer) (writer: "How Do You Talk to an Angel")


California Dreams

(TV Series) (music writer and producer: 22 songs including the theme)


Beverly Hills,


(TV Series) (music producer: songs and composer)


The Banker






Mystic Pizza

(writer: "IS IT HOT IN HERE")


Midnight Crossing

(performer: "LOST IN YOU") / (writer: "BARBADOS", "LOST IN YOU")


Remote Control

(performer: "Traded Love for Money", "Nothing") / (writer: "Traded Love for Money", "Noth



The Outing

(performer: "LAST MISTAKE") / (writer: "LAST MISTAKE")


Kids Incorporated

(TV Series) (music producer: 75 songs)


Record Production:

Chaka Khan, Lee Greenwood, Michael McDonald, Thelma Houston, Tiffany, Irene Cara, Gary Pucket, Peabo Bryson, and many others.



Speaker & Moderator:

CMJ (Moderator & Speaker)

Grammy “Future of Music” (Moderator & Speaker)


Conference & Festivals

(Founder, Programmer, Moderator & Speaker)

NARIP (Moderator & Speaker)

SWAMP (Moderator & Speaker)


Music Festival (Moderator & Speaker)

Rice University (MBA Business School & Film Conferences)

Cutting Edge CE Conference (Moderator & Speaker)



Vanderbilt University

HCC (Film & Music Advisory Board)

Indie Artist Summit (Moderator & Speaker)


Music Industry Blueprint



The Art Institute



Affiliations & Award


Grammy Voting & Craft Committee


BMI Publisher & Writer

Emmy Nominated Composer

BMI Millionaire Award

Winner and Other Awards

Best Film Award

Winner “The Beverly Hills Film Festival

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