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What's the Process?

Once you fill out our engaging questionnaire, we will schedule a time where we will talk through several unique options for the overall creation of the song. A general idea is formulated (including style, genre, vocalist) and then the magic starts!

With our personal approach, each step of the way will be certain to meet and exceed your overall heart and vision for the project. Once the song is finished, we head to the studio and create an audio recording for your use. A digital copy (WAV file) of the song is then provided to you!

How About Pricing?

Each song is as personal as the story it presents. We take advantage of every opportunity to work with professional musicians and engineers to create the highest quality and industry standard. Looking for just a simple piano/guitar and vocal track package, or a complete recording with a live performance, every option is open to you... Exact costs and procedures are clearly explained and communicated to you during our consultation.



Each unique project comes with a copyright license for unlimited plays and utilization of the song in non-commercial settings (i.e. a wedding reception, a wedding video, sharing on social media).  In our standard agreements, My Forever Song LLC retains the copyright and publishing rights to the song.


Everything is negotiable! All songs are pitched to TV, movie, and professional recording artists!

*Can act as an investment vehicle.

Other FAQs

Can I use my own lyrics?

Yes. If you send us your lyrics as part of the order we will incorporate them into the song. The lyrics HAVE to be original and written by you. By purchasing a song, you are agreeing that none of the lyrics will be an infringement of copyrights of any 3rd party musician.


For sending us lyrics that you've already finished, try to keep it to a maximum total word count of one word per second of song length (i.e., no more than 30 words for a 30-second song). But we'll try our best to fit in anything you give us.

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